Why Choose Us

A very good question, why would you need a managed website when there are other options?
Most people come to us after a year of disappointing results, with other web hosting companies who gave them a too good to be true opening offer for the first 12 months and lead them to believe that a self-setup website would fulfil their requirements.
The opposite is true, and their new website failed to generate the needed new business, the reason being, their Website was lost in the millions of pages of Google never to be found by thousands of potential customers.
You may purchase a cheap self setup website from elsewhere and spend hours setting it up with some basic site builder software and the end result may look pretty, but if your new website is sitting on page 377 of Google, then your website will not be found by the potential customers and as a result will NOT generate business for you, which we believe is the purpose of having your business shop front online.
Choose a business relationship with Spectrum Websites and we will add value to your business, with our package deals, it will be like having you very own company web developer on board and all for less than £5 per week.